Let us be grateful

Gratitude is acknowledging what we are, where we are and the gifts we give and receive from the universe. 

Before the heart opens, we must surrender to our current situation, whatever it may be. We must accept that things are exactly the way they are meant to be right now. Everything is perfect, the universe is the greatest teacher and all of our experiences are simply lessons of love, from love itself. 

Let us acknowledge what we are, let us see that we are all beings of light and love. We are spiritual beings having a wordly experience, not wordly beings having a spiritual experience. All that exists is sat-cit-ananda, eternal existence, consciousness and bliss. This is our true nature, this is the fragrance of the lotus in the heart. We are not the body, we are not the emotions, we are not the endless thoughts and worries. We are the neutral observer who watches the divine play. We live in the heart, centred, balanced and blissful. 

Let us focus on our true nature as a single point of light in the centre of your heart, in the eye of the storm, the calm centre around which all experiences revolve. You can take refuge in this heart at any time, you can come back and sit in your lotus in the heart. It is a safe space where you can be who you truly are.  

Let us acknowledge where we are by recognising the peace in our surroundings. In our home, in our town, in the country we live in. Focus on the things you love about where you are. Naturally, we move through emotional cycles. Sometimes we feel more extroverted and confident; we are manifesting our aspirations. Sometimes we need to rest, reflect and digest the experiences. To acknowledge where we are, we must recognise the phase we are moving through with honesty and self respect. Are we processing trauma, are we grieving or are we expanding and making new connections? Once we can identify the phases, we can be grateful of how our emotions serve us. 

Let us recognise the myriad of gifts we receive from the universe, through mysterious means, beloved people, wonderful opportunities and stern lessons. Everything moment we exist, every breath we take is a precious gift. We are privileged to be alive, to walk on the earth and to experience the pure bliss of being. Treat everything you receive as a gift. From a tender hug, to a frustrating moment, it is all there to teach you, to help you grow and realise your true potential. Be grateful to receive. 

Let us acknowledge the opportunity to give. Wealth of the heart is not measured by how much we receive, but rather how much love we put into giving to others. Becoming aware of the priviledge of giving is the first step in purifying the heart. It is through selfless service towards others that we can transcend jealousy, greed and hatred. Let us take every opportunity to serve the other, to tend to their every need, to make them feel comfortable, safe, loved and supported. Giving love nourishes the soul, through the open window of the heart.

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